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Yes, Membership is exclusively for doctors, lawyers, and most PhDs, and if you hold a recognized doctorate degree in any area, whether law, education, sciences, medicine, or any other, you're welcome to join for FREE on this site designed and dedicated to you and your professional and social needs

No, you do not have to be an actively practicing professional to join.

It only takes minutes to join. Simply enter your email and proceed to the email confirmation message we send you. From there, you can create your own username and submit verification that you hold a qualifying doctorate degree from one of the countries listed. Upon verification, you will gain access to the many features and benefits that has to offer.

Yes, without exception or differentiation as to the level of membership verification, all of is free to all member doctors, lawyers and PhDs alike.

Yes, serves as an invaluable platform for networking with professionals worldwide, both within and beyond your own field. Unlike traditional networking avenues limited to known colleagues or specific associations, our platform enables connections with professionals from various professions on a global scale. Whether you're seeking to network professionally or socially, membership grants you access to a diverse community including doctors, lawyers, judges, scientists, association members, hospitals, PhDs, and more, all at your fingertips and completely free of charge.

Yes, on, you can engage with professionals from various fields, providing an invaluable opportunity for organized and effective communication. Whether you prefer individual interactions or participating in blogs, forums, or discussion groups, you can connect with professionals worldwide to seek answers or input. Additionally, you have the option to engage anonymously if desired.

Yes, is an invaluable resource for job seekers. Utilizing the classifieds feature, you can explore job postings globally and even post your own advertisement seeking employment. Additionally, you can enhance your chances of success by showcasing your professional profile to potential employers or reaching out directly to specific members expressing interest in joining their organization. Whether discreetly via member-to-member contact or broadly through classified listings, finding the ideal job is made easy on facilitates global research collaboration by connecting researchers worldwide, extending beyond familiar networks. Our platform enables efficient sharing of expertise and resources, allowing researchers to discover collaborators outside their usual circles. This fosters collaboration, while also conserving valuable time and capital for research and development efforts.

Your professional profile on serves as a powerful tool to represent your diverse expertise, including your degrees, achievements, interests, biography, awards, languages spoken, and more. This comprehensive profile not only establishes your presence within your field but also expands your visibility to professionals across various disciplines. Through your profile, you can attract opportunities such as consultations, collaborations, and invitations to contribute articles or lectures. With, your profile becomes a gateway to limitless networking and collaboration possibilities, transcending professional boundaries and fostering global connections.

Absolutely! offers an extensive and user-friendly directory listing that allows you to search by various criteria such as location, name, profession, username, country, language, degree, certificates, fellowship, internship, special interests, educational institution, association membership, board certification, and more. With our comprehensive search options, finding and connecting with other professionals is convenient and efficient. offers various tools for this purpose. You can explore forums or blogs to identify discussions related to similar research topics. Additionally, upcoming features like groups and the ability to search articles and peer-reviewed content will further assist in finding peers engaged in similar research. You can also utilize chat and group chat functionalities to connect with others who may be involved in similar research.

Yes, on, you can customize your audience when sharing content such as forums, blogs, and vlogs. You have complete control over who can view and comment on your content by specifying your audience's breadth. For instance, you can open access to a wide range of professions, such as all PhDs, or you can limit access to lawyers specializing in constitutional law and PhD members in genetics.

Yes, upcoming on, you'll soon have the capability to promptly publish your articles with a visible timestamp. You can engage in direct chat communications with fellow members seeking your insights or advice on your work or you can utilize the existing blogs and forums functionalities to facilitate discussion and interaction surrounding your articles.

Yes, on, you will soon have the flexibility to create private groups where only selected members can access the content. You will be able to invite specific members to join your group, ensuring that communications are accessible only to group members. Additionally, you will have the ability to specify professions for access to your group, or choose to make your group open for general access by all members. The possibilities will be endless and limited only by your preferences.

Doctors of Medicine encompass a variety of medical professionals, including Physicians, Chiropractors, Dentists, Optometrists, Osteopaths, Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Veterinarians, and other graduates in the medical field.

Yes, lawyers are considered doctors. This includes attorneys, solicitors, and barristers, as well as law graduates, regardless of their title or designation in different countries. Whether it is a JD, LLB, LLM, or another degree, individuals who have successfully obtained a law degree are recognized as holding a legal doctorate.

Yes, there are various membership levels. Higher verification and qualifications will soon provide access to additional features, such as connecting with patients/clients and communicating with other members anonymously, with more to come in the future.

Yes, uses end-to-end encryption technology for all member-to-member messaging, as well as a firewall for additional security and more.

Yes. When selecting your username on, seize the chance to personalize your profile. While most usernames are available, act promptly to claim your preferred one and showcase your unique presence on the platform.

We are currently developing features to accommodate a range of continuing education opportunities on These may include free, discounted, coupon, or regular priced courses offered by various centers. Organizations will have the flexibility to determine the availability and delivery methods of these courses.